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Rosemary Mark

To support A. McDonough B+ in memory of my neighbor Madeline who baked lemon-rosemary bread with me and passed from cancer in 2014 at age 7.

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What is your signature bake?

Wild Yeast Water Artisan Breads. This bread has become my signature bake because of the thrill with every loaf of what seems like magical success. Author Ken Forkish in his book Flour Water Salt Yeast explains: "Baking is a craft that makes you want to do it again and again....the repetition gives a warming satisfaction that comes from the familiar comfort of doing something well". Any day that I get to bake is a happy day!

How long have you been baking?

I've been baking since before I started school. I can still hear my kindergarten teacher saying, "Rosemary, today you need to play somewhere other than the kitchen." It was a very sad day. I studied Home Economics then built my career utilizing principles of baking science to create and adapt recipes successfully for home bakers. I've worked in a production bakery, created recipes for food brands, and look forward to every day that I get to bake!

What is your best baking secret?

My baking secret is using Wild Yeast Water in place of sourdough starter or dry yeast in long-rise artisan-style breads. I want home bakers to know how simple it is to make yeast water (YW) from water and raisins. YW is a fizzy water that smells like kombucha or beer. Unlike sourdough starter, YW does not need regular feeding to stay active. It keeps refrigerated for several months, always ready to make bread dough. YW makes excellent no-knead overnight bread, pizza dough, and sweet rolls.

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