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Nicole Albisser

I truly bake out of love and my dream is to have a commercial kitchen on our farm so others can experience and learn to bake with me

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What is your signature bake?

Sourdough bread is for sure my signature bake. It fascinates me everyday I bake what is possible just with water, flour and salt. Scoring the breads and giving them that last pretty look makes me smile each time. I make sourdough pasta and some sweet sourdough desserts too.

How long have you been baking?

I already helped my grandma and mum bake as a little girl . I spent a lot of time in a little mountain village in Switzerland where my grandma would bake 40 breads at once in the community oven. This very unique oven had a fire going with a very specific amount of wood and once it would be ready (only grandma knew the timing etc) the coal would be shoved to the side and the breads would go on shelves. This has been my inspiration and when my breads come out of the oven it reminds of those days.

What is your best baking secret?

My only secret I have is that you need to bake with love and passion I will share my sourdough starter and all my knowledge if you appreciate this kind of baking and eating. There is no secret and I would love to share the knowledge as this is how it used to be done.

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