As a future occupational therapist, I’d love to use baking as a therapeutic activity for kids! $10,000 for college & to start my practice!

Placed 7th

in the Quarter-Finals

We would like to thank you for supporting McKayla in this year's competition. Your support helps us contribute to ending childhood hunger and giving kids the healthy food they need to thrive.

What is your signature bake?

What I call my “fudget” chocolate cake. It’s egg & butter free, and so easy! Super fudgey & chocolate-y.

How long have you been baking?

Since I was about 12. My great grandmother is a baker as well and she started the spark of love for it in me. To this day, I still have baking days with her and it’s my favorite. This year I finally upped my baking game by creating my food blog and developing my own recipes!

What is your best baking secret?

Don’t be afraid of mistakes! Baking is all about creativity. Experiment with different recipes. Add a little bit of “you” in every baked item you make. Also, to make cheesecake extra creamy, beat the cream cheese & sugar for 10 minutes on medium high. It is so good!