Jennifer Acuna

I am in the process of opening a bakery called Loafing Around and would use the prize money to pay for start-up costs such as equipment.

Placed 4th

in their group

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What is your signature bake?

I really don't have one signature bake. I make a cheesecake with edible violas and whole strawberries. My fig and ginger bread which two women, who have never even met, both dubbed, the Bread of Life. I also have a coconut mango cookie that I almost took to Shark Tank. It is like no other cookie on the market. It is hard to put me into a category as I bake everything from sourdough artisan breads, cookies, brownies, cakes, cheesecakes, Keto, gluten free to meringues and flan.

How long have you been baking?

I have been baking for thirty-six years, four of them as a commercial baker. I started baking commercially, as a shared kitchen user, under the name of Loafing Around LLC. I then had the unique opportunity to rent some kitchen space in a restaurant under the name Haute Bread. I had to close the business in June 2020 because of COVID. I am starting anew in Rhode Island with my former business name, Loafing Around. It will be the first time I will have my very own brick and mortar.

What is your best baking secret?

I would be willing to share my recipe for my fig and ginger bread. I am also looking forward to offering a series of baking videos for the home baker who would like to begin creating food memories for their loved ones. Baking is art, passion and life all rolled into one.