Amiee Blevins

Life is what you bake of it. 2020 has challenged our little bakery & family. Winning would help move our bakery to my hometown near family.

Placed 2nd

in their group

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What is your signature bake?

Macarons: My best flavor is my caramel corn macarons. Cakes: My best cakes are chocolate, vanilla bean, lemon chiffon, coconut and much more. Cupcakes: Tres lenche cupcakes, all the same flavors as cakes and more. Pies: Pumpkin, pecan, blackberry, lemon blueberry, caramel apple, coconut cream, chocolate cream, strawberry rhubarb, peach raspberry. Cookies: brown butter salted chocolate chip cookies, big soft sugar cookies, black and white cookies and more. Many Cheesecake flavors too.

How long have you been baking?

I have been baking since 2011 after I decided to change my life. My husband and I we're watching cupcake wars as I had been pondering what else can I do. He leaned over partly kidding and said “why don’t you bake some cupcakes”. I laugh and then paused and said “ok”. And now we are approaching 10 years later and I have gone to culinary school, developed recipes, won competitions and started a bakery from nothing but my own ambition and my families love and support.

What is your best baking secret?

Patience because sometimes it takes time to get it right. Don’t be scared to fail. Weigh your ingredients if possible. Always work organized and clean “mise en place”. Mostly have fun and share in all the love.